E-MED refers AL ELAJ MEDICAL EQUIP.TR. is 100% UAE National owned company, our Aim is to become one of the regional Supplier and service provider of the best worldwide medical brand names in Orthotics ,Prosthetics, Rehabilitation and Home care..

We ensure our customers with products of superior technology, ease of use and reliable quality with better service.

E-MED is an associate with Orthopaedie Technic Berlin MPC LLC [OTB] -. OTB is the most successful chain of sani shops all over Europe and UAE. OTB is a Retail channel of Bauerfeind -Germany and has been established to provide comprehensive solution for patient needs in orthoapedic and Rehabilitation.

Our Values

People: Trust, Respect and Relationships

Ethics: Uncompromising integrity in business conduct

Contribution: To the wellbeing of the society

Our Business

E- MED is located in Sharjah . At E-MED we are offering Orthotics & prosthetics, Mobility Aids, Orthopedic shoes and Insole ,Compression garments, Homecare, Breast care and Physiotherapy items. We cater patients through our highly skilled professional staff since we believe education and patient care need qualified and comprehensive care. E-MED Retail showroom is providing a wide range of measurement technology and specialized services when it comes to orthotics, prosthetics and Mobility aids. E-MED has a state of art retail facility for assessing patients and servicing products etc.

Distribution & Marketing

At E-MED our distribution and marketing channels are finely designed with changing market requirements and patient care. E-MED is well positioned and fully equipped retail store based in Sharjah.

Our maintenance strategy

Our company has strong maintenance strategy in order to support our patients within home and field through highly trained professional in covering the products and service, as we have the best technician and therapist support team .

Our sales strategy

Our sales strategy is to fill up the gaps within markets in terms of servicing patients with needs of products, not brands. We give a complete comprehensive solution to our patient where they can trial the products and get clear assessment by the therapist. We work closely to enhance the know-how and technology in medical field with the therapists and Doctors in several facilities and hospital providing a complete solution and education through Roadshows, In Service and Round table conferences. At E-MED we cater high quality products which fit the needs of the patient rather than fitting a product without compliance.