The feet forms the foundation of the body. Foot orthosi /Insole relieve the pressure on the feet, knees, hips and back. They have a biomechanical effect and therefore help the foot to function naturally. As different feet need different types of support, We offers more than 300 different types of foot orthosis to ensure that everyone can find the right solution to meet their needs.

Our Insoles are designed for various activities e.g Sports, Comfort, Business and for high demanding deformities of feet.The functions Include Support, Stabilize, Relieve pain as per the physician/Specialist recommendations.

Measurement Technology

Thanks to the cutting edge measurement technology from Bauerfeind Germany. BODYTRONIC measuring technology , is a static and dynamic scanning system for accurate measurement of the feet for individual shape of your lower leg and feet providing complete digital 3D model. Further the measurement results are used for the production of orthoses and custom-made shoes, patient is benefitted due to proper assessment which can further help the HCP for data validation and referencing.


  • Flat foot/Splayed foot
  • High arch/Hollow foot
  • Heel Pain/Heel spur
  • Diabetic feet/Rhuematism
  • Hallux rigidis